Horatio Quinncy ‘Q’

  • Born the 10th of July 2008 – Male
  • bred by a family in the Waloon Area out of Pet Companions
  • Owned by Leen
  • Sire: –
  • Dam: –
  • Coat-Genetics: Bb


  • Social Behavior Test: –
  • Breed Conformity: –
  • Obedience License: –
  • Entitled:


  • HD: Severe Dysplastic Xray
  • ED: Untested
  • SD: Untested
  • Joint Laxity: –
  • ECVO: Untested










Pedigree was stripped due to health-Issues




  • Q is named after ‘Horatio Caine’ from the worldfamous series CSI Miami and Dr. Quinncy from the worldfamous pathologist “Quinncy”
  • Q’s petname is also a Belgian Radiostation – he was acknowledge by them as the very first Baby Q Dog and has his very own Q-Music Bib
  • Q is the second Border Collie to join our family