Qhaleesi – Light up th World – My Dream from Aest Eloriel ‘Khaleesi’

  • Born the 23th of April 2017 – Female
  • bred by Aest Eloriel
  • Owned & Loved by Syarindhey
  • Sire: Locheil Reddy to Rock
  • Dam: MCh Border Follies Iuna Failea
  • Coat-Genetics: BB ee D?


  • Social Behavior Test: –
  • Breed Conformity: Gained
  • Obedience License: –
  • Entitled:


  • DNA – Profile: Certified by ISAG
  • HD: Clear by X-Ray
  • ED: Clear by X-Ray
  • SD: Clear by X-Ray
  • DNA CEA/CH: Clear by Parentage
  • DNA NCL: Clear by Parentage
  • DNA TNS: Clear by Parentage
  • DNA MDR-1: Clear by Parentage
  • DNA IGS: Clear by Parentage
  • DNA GG: Clear by Parentage
  • DNA SN: Clear by Parentage
  • DNA RS: To be tested
  • ECVO – Common Eye Diseases: Free  2017- 2020
  • ECVO PRA: Free  2017- 2020
  • ECVO Cataract: Free  2017- 2020
  • ECVO Gonioscopy: unaffected – open angles




Qhaleesi Light Up Th World My Dream
from Aest Eloriel
Locheil Reddy To Rock Etherial Kiss This Locheil Cucriche In The Fast Lane
Etherial This Kiss
Locheil Golden Delicious Locheil James Blonde
NOYTCB Fields Of Gold At Locheil
MCh Border Follies Iuna Failea Illusion In Red From Borders Paradise MCh Jessomine Aussie Merlot
Classicyds Congeniality
Border Follies Gazly Alderaan Sunday Morning
Dot Of Albion’s March




  • to be entitled


Date Show Honourable Judge Class Result
15-08-17 CM LKV Mr. Spruyt D. (BE) Baby 1 VP Best Minor Puppy
27/08/17 CM KVVP Mrs. Kerssemeijer (NL) Baby 1 VP Best Minor Puppy
03-12-17 CAC Merelbeke Mr. M. Taylor (UK) Puppy 1 VP
23-12-17 X-Mas Show Mrs. L. De Ridder (BE) Puppy 1 VP Best Puppy – 3BIS Group
15-08-18 CM LKV Mrs V. Boesmans (BE) Inter 1 EX Best Bitch – BOB – BIS3
29-12-18 X-Mas Show Mr. N. Deschuymere (BE) Inter 1 EX Considered for Best Bitch + Kids Parade Star
03-08-19 CM LKV Mrs. C. Roobrouck (BE) Open 1 EX BEST BITCH – CONSIDERED FOR BIS


  • Khaleesi was born as JIVE
  • She is named after Daenerys Targaryen, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons from the worldfamous series Game of Thrones