Hope ’n Dream ‘Fynnley’

  • Born the 15th of February 2008 – Male
  • ✞ 30/01/2021 due to Liver Cancer and weakened Immunity after a GVS seizure
  • bred by a known Shepherd in the Eindhoven Region
  • Owned & Loved by Siri
  • Sire: ?
  • Dam: ?
  • Coat-Genetics: B? At?


  • Social Behavior Test: –
  • Breed Conformity: –
  • Obedience License: –
  • Entitled:


  • HD: Clear by Xray – yet affected of Spondylosis
  • ED: Clear by Xray
  • SD: Clear by Xray
  • Joint Laxity: Fair
  • ECVO: Affected of Pannus since 2017










Pedigree was stripped during Rescue
Fynnley is supposed to have ISDS-papers





  • to be entitled
14-02-10 CAC Genk Mr. P. Roosenboom (BE) Open ‘Good’
24-07-10 Clubshow HKV Mr. F. Declercq (BE) Neuter Excellent


  • Fynnley is named after ’the boy who lived” – By the time my boy Fynn came into my life I was very emotional about Jodie Percival and her boy Finley, whom survived an abortion-attempt.  the “The Boy who Lived” concept tempted and the name sticked a thousand times more then Harry Potter 🙂
  • Fynn is the first Border Collie to join our family