++ Club Champions ++

After MacKenzie and Luna crowning themselves the big winners in the Confirmation Ring,
we can announce 2 other new Club Champions in our family!!

We’re very proud to announce the win of Osjka ( Once I Was a Stranger in Moscow FAE ) and Carine at Hondenschool “De Woef” in P1. Osjka is the son of Elegance in Red an our own Luna aswell as the sibling of Diesel and Djinai!

And only yesterday, Djinai’s son Yazzie ( Qookies and Cream FAE ) and his handler Luc gained the Club Champion Title at Onze Trouwe Vriend Lummen in Debutant Class. We’re very proud of our offspring and their new families <3

Wij zijn heel erg trots op Osjka ( Once I Was a Stranger in Moscow FAE ) en Carine, alsook op Yazzie ( Qookies and Cream FAE ) en Luc. Beiden respectievelijk in hun divisie Clubkampioen in de hondenschool waar zij trainen. Dikke dikke proficiat!

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