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Dog ID


Title: Horatio Q

Name: Q
Born the 10th of July 2008 - Male

Coat Color: Black & White
Carrier of: Tricolour and Blue & White

Owned & Loved by André

SOC Test To be Gained HD Unclear by X-Ray CEA/CH To be Tested Common Eye Dis. To be Tested
BREED-License No Need ED To be Tested CL To be Tested PRA To be Tested
DNA No Need SD To be Tested TNS To be Tested Cataract To be Tested
    IGS pending MDR-1 To be Tested Glaucoma To be Tested

Palmares Q

Q's Story

Autumn 2009, Leen's jealousy for having a companion, reached the top. She wanted to have her own little dog, with the same characteristics and tempers as the border collie. It just had to be smaller, cuter, fluffier. It is a whole story, but in the end, what should have been a Shetland Sheepdog puppy became a Border Collie puppy that would grow so hard that he'd become one of the tallest purebred Belgian Border Collies alive, 61.5 cm.

His height would become Q's biggest dilemma. Christmas 2009, 5 months old puppy Q was taller then 10 months old Fynn. He grew so hard that he had growing pains. In less than 2 weeks Q's butt was half of the muscles it used to be. We attended the vet several times and on the 7th of February 2010 we took X-rays of Q. Luckily, for what we saw was the horror of every pet-owner. Q's hips were not in the hip-pan. There simply was no real hip-pan.

With the help of our vet Evi Vandersmissen we found Dr. Peter De Roeck, chirurgic specialist, and what he told us broke our heart, AND gave us hope. "We put this dog asleep now and release him from his pain, or we get him operated this week. Without an answer I will not let you leave this room. And be assured, it will cost you a small fortune to get him back."
But there was hope to get him back, so we chose to go for it. Q got a hard operation, a long revalidation with the help of Dog-Physiotherapist Kathleen Hermans and Dog-Physiotherapist and hydrotherapy-specialist Ellen Martens, at "Het Waterhof".

After every hydro- or physio-session we saw Q's butt growing. He got butt-muscles!!!!
Winter 2010 Q was officially a "healthy" dog again, and with the help of his new best friend "Ana Bolica" he even made it through the toughest of winters, without loosing one gram of smooth and strong muscles.


In October 2009, on World-Animal-Day, Q was the first dog to demonstrate Hydrotherapy on the Belgian-Open-Business-Day in the new Therapy-Centrum of Het Waterhof, situated in Velm.

Summer 2011, on his birthday, Q crossed a field and ran into a moles-hole. Once again we had to do the hydrotherapy and physiotherapy all-over, we decided that it would be less expensive if we'd built our own Hydro-dock. 2 Months later we had our swimming-pool-for-dogs and Q started his hydrotherapy at home.
Ever since then, from spring to fall, Q swims and swims and swims in his own hydro-paradise. And we just hope that he'll have his "happily ever after", forever.


He is the Alphadog of our Kennel, the best friend of Andre and above all he's the best possible social helper for our puppies above 4 months!( for real men don't like nudgers.. haha! )

I want to send a warm thank you to Dr. Peter De Roeck and his assistant ( our former vet ) Els, for doing such a great job on Q's hips. To Ellen Martens and Kathleen Hermans, for they are 2 of Q's guardian angels. And above all, to Dr. Evi Vandersmissen ( Q's archangel ), for being there every time we need her friendship and knowledge. It needs nuts to do such a hard job as a vet, and it needs even more courage to declare that you can not do a thing to help and send your patient to a next specialist vet.

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